Foods Guidance for Your Baby

Foods Guidance for Your Baby

Foods Guidance for Your Baby


Foods Guidance for Your Baby. Breast milk or formula becomes the only food to fulfill your baby’s needs. The baby requires both in their first 4 to 6 months. After that, parents can feed their babies solid foods. 


Once the baby shows you with readiness sign, you can begin preparing the solid food. Do it in a simple way. Begin by feeding your little one with a few teaspoons of pureed fruit or veggie. 


Read the below information about Baby foods guidance classified from their age. 


From Birth to 4 months

At this age, the only food to feed your baby is breast milk or formula. The babies get their nutrients from each of them. 


You can not feed solid food to your baby because their digestive tract is not ready yet. So, make sure that your baby gets enough breast milk or formula. 


From 4 to 6 months

There are some signs that babies are ready with solid foods. You can see it once holding the baby’s head up or sitting them upright in a chair. Another sign is having a significant weight or minimum of around 13 pounds.


At this stage, they can move the food in the mouth forward or backward. Of course, you can continue feeding the baby with breast milk or formula. Additionally, you can add simple pureed foods to your baby. 


You can give him not only fruits and veggies. Various kinds of soft foods are possible, including the pureed meats too. Aside from that, the babies can have a few sugar-free yogurts. 


Sometimes your baby may reject your offer. If it happens, you can try it after three to five days. Remember to always pay attention to food safety and allergy before offering solid food to your baby. 


From 6 to 8 months

Once your baby enjoys their pureed foods, you can continue with strained or mashed food. This step shows that your baby feels comfortable eating solid foods. So, you can create food variations for them. 


You can try with pureed or strained banana, avocado, and peaches. Meanwhile, prepare pureed or strained well-cooked carrots, sweet potato, and squash. 


Start to feed the foods by giving a small amount of them. Apply this method to make the baby get used to the new food. He needs to adjust to a new texture and flavor.


You can also increase your baby meals’ frequency. When he reaches 8 months old, the baby will eat one to two times meals a day. 


From 8 to 12 months 

This age enables the baby to have not only solid food but also soft finger foods. You can give food treatment to your little one the same as they are at 6 to 8 months. It includes feeding the baby with breast milk or formula. 


This stage shows you that the baby can take objects using his thumb and forefinger. It allows you to give them finger foods or bite-sized fruit or veggies. Make sure you give him soft foods that enable him to chew them at ease. 

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