Food Ideas For Someone Who Really Likes Spicy Food

Food Ideas For Someone Who Really Likes Spicy Food. Spicy foods are loved by many regardless of age. There is something so satisfying when you break a sweat during or after having spicy foods. It can also brighten up your moods to eat spicy foods. Not to mention that spicy foods are also great to enjoy during chilly weather with kiu kiu online games. Spicy flavor can stimulate your taste buds as well. If you are feeling uninterested eating, try some dish with spicy flavor to it. If you want to make your own spicy foods, here are some great ideas you can try at home:

Chicken Curry Sauce Egg Noodle

Food Ideas For Someone Who Really Likes Spicy Food
chicken curry sauce egg noodle

Chicken Curry Sauce Egg Noodle is a good idea of food you can make. Curry is known to be one of the spiciest flavor. It is great to be paired with almost anything. Usually, curry is served with steamed rice. However, you can serve it with egg noodles this time. This food idea is great for lunch. You can try this with your usual curry recipe. Just replace the rice with egg noodles.

Spicy Chicken Skewer

Food Ideas For Someone Who Really Likes Spicy Food
chicken skewer

Spicy Chicken Skewer is also another bomb for spicy food lovers. The original recipe uses red pepper flakes which can make it look even more intimidating for non-spicy food lovers. However, it will look just mouth-watering for spicy food enthusiasts. This version of Spicy Chicken Skewer uses sun-dried tomato sauce to enrich the flavor. It can temper a bit of spice from the red pepper flakes and add more fresh flavor at the same time.

Spicy Salad

Food Ideas For Someone Who Really Likes Spicy Food
Spicy Salad

Spicy Salad is possible to make if you are spicy lovers. Sometimes, it is so boring to have bland salad all the time. You can spice it up by adding some hot ingredients. You can make Hot Carnitas Salad for your lunch to stimulate your taste bud. This crunchy, healthy salad looks and taste just as mouth watering. Not to mention that it is simple to make in just few minutes.

Spicy Panzanella

Another idea for spicy salad is Spicy Panzanella. You can make this usual recipe but don’t forget to add some chopped jalapeno or jalapeno powder into the bowl. You can also try to balance the spiciness by adding some sweet pepper and reduce the amount of jalapeno. Therefore, your tongue won’t get burnt that bad.

Korean Spicy Grilled Chicken

Korean Spicy Grilled Chicken is popular in South Korea. You can find it almost in every food vendor. Koreans are known to be avid spicy food lovers and this one is one of the go-to food. This dish is prepared on grill pan or the grill. The special ingredients are the gochujang or red pepper paste, soy sauce, and garlic. The chicken taste to rich. The process of marinating is the key to have flavorful chicken that taste sweet, spicy, and savory.

Spicy Tortellini With Mushroom

Spicy Tortellini With Mushroom. You can make your favorite tortellini taste spicier using spicy tomato sauce. You can combine tomato paste and canned tomatoes to be added into tortellini. It is pretty simple. And you can also add some parmesan cheese if you want to add more cheesy, salty flavor and temper the spiciness a bit.

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